Company Overview

Creating opportunities for people with disabilities
Founded in 1988 out of a desire to do good in our community, Skookum has carried forward our social mission "creating opportunities for people with disabilities" in all that we aspire to be. From our humble beginnings in small-town America, we have grown to be the best value provider of choice in the defense industrial complex and aerospace manufacturing sectors. Skookum does this by first investing in our people.

Skookum’s customers rely on Skookum to consistently deliver a quality product on time so that the customer in turn can accomplish their jobs. This drives Skookum’s core value proposition – We meet our mission when our customer meets their mission.

This philosophy is critical to our success as a team. At Skookum, we work diligently to sharpen our leaders’ skills so they can provide exceptional client support. Skookum is dedicated to ensuring specialized recruitment, career advancement, and job training methods are employed across the nation. Skookum is a national leader in Disability and Veteran recruitment, hiring, and retention.

Our Goal:
Provide the safest work sites in the nation.
We deliver the next level of safety, environmental responsibility and safety leadership to our teams. We are all accountable for our actions - accountable to each other and accountable for our workplace.


We are looking for motivated individuals to join our dynamic team! We offer a wide range of nationwide employment opportunities in diverse business lines: vehicle maintenance, warehousing, facilities management and maintenance, logistics support, janitorial, grounds maintenance, and aerospace manufacturing.

We offer competitive wages and benefits, including providing professional growth opportunities. Working at Skookum is not just a job; it's a career to be proud of that allows us to positively influence others' lives each day! We currently support over 1,300 employees in 13 states, and we are growing every day across the nation.

Our Work
We thrive to foster a better world by strengthening the ability of our mission-driven purpose of Creating Opportunities for People with disabilities.

Our People
We promote exceptional results with extraordinary people through our diverse team of skilled and values-driven individuals.

Our Culture
We collaborate with each other so that everyone can contribute. We perform work that has a meaningful purpose with the mission to create social change. Our culture is characterized by five core values—Diversity, Partnerships, Commitment, Integrity, and Quality.

Our History
Skookum was established in 1988 out of Port Townsend, WA, employing 18 individuals. Skookum to date operates in 13 states including Washington, D.C. and currently employs over 1,300 individuals nationwide providing critical facilities and logistics services to our government customers. One-third of our employees are Veterans. Our home office is headquartered in Bremerton, WA.

Company Summary
Number of Employees
(360) 475-0756
4525 Auto Center Way
Bremerton, WA